Lola and the Boy Next Door [book review]

Judul: Lola and the Boy Next Door

Penulis: Stephanie Perkins

Penerbit: Dutton Books

Halaman: 338 hlm


Lola Nolan is just trying to get over her first love by keeping up her relationship with Max, her rockstar boyfriend. Lola comes to the blur of her life when her beautiful nightmare across her over the night. The twins Bells come back, the two of Bell. Calliope and Cricket Bell. Those whom Lola won’t think about even she really tries to forget that in the past they had such a frienemiship. Calliope was too much about her and always be the one who put Lola in a pair of shoe that no one would take it upon to stand on. She always has a crash with Calliope as their last broken friendship. But Cricket? Lola spends all of her life to try to over him.

When the deal with her two dads, her mother who never wants to take care of her and put Lola in Nathan dan Andy’s side while she was supposed to try a new life but always failed. And the deal with the boyfriend, Max. Lola has to proof everyboby that she’s good and deserve to get the one, the one who’s good also, the one whose name is Cricket Bell.

Cricket (geek, innocent, unforgettable)

Kisah ini mungkin mirip dengan kisah-kisah lain serupa. Tentang cinta pertama masa kecil yang tetap tinggal di hati pemiliknya. Tentang keluarga yang harus dipertahankan dan tentang mendapatkan kepercayaan orang. Lola, I say she’s a kinda talented fashion designer someday. She’s smart dan knows what she should do with the wigs, make ups, dress, boots and other accesories rather than she knows how worth she is to deserve someone like a very valuable Cricket Bell. Lola melewati hari-hari terberat dalam hidupnya. Hari-hari dia menjadi pembohong, berbohong pada Nathan dan Andy, kedua ayahnya, berbohong pada Max, pada Cricket dan pada dirinya sendiri.

Clashes and clashes are the part of life. So does it with Lola’s. When she knew that the Bell’s family set back to the house next door, she can’t imagine how to survive when the twins are always shadowing at her windows. Actually, Lola can make it easy, but the more she runs the more everything’s blurred. So Lola stop and take the decision. Desicion to let her self saying the truth. The truth that she can try to love Norah, the mother, again despite of her disapearance when Lola is still baby up to before now. It’s also about the truth that Max is not the one anymore because the one has always been Cricket.

The cherries are meeting in time. When she can see thing clearly and filled with full of Lola. Not the one who was lost and insecured. The first love meets and tied together, like what she has dreamt about. She and Cricket. Lola and the boy next door.

The story is fast moving and naughty. Very teenagers I thought, those who like something like sweets and heartwarming will like this novel. Apart from the part of how stupid Lola, but I can’t judge that the stupiness of Lola doesnt take any part of the story, stupid Lola makes it story, I just can feel a ‘click’ when she and Cricket are going so much with their unrevealed desire each other. Making me jealous so badly, I shouldn’t say that Cricket deserves someone more than Lola while the fact they seem definitely made for being together. (T_T)

It’s the first english teenage novel I read and I surprised with a lot of slangs and free compounding form of words. It’s nnice and great to see that it’s easy made the word that explain the story. Yeah, maybe i am lame for not updating this but i should fill up the blank bottle of my experience in reading teens novels. Especially those written in english. It can help my exploring english and i can increase it as well as i use it when reading. You know what, I think english in the real one is like in the novel tales. The sentences, the expression and the words play. It’s a little distraction with how dump Lola and how coward Cricket, but that’s why this story ends perfectly because it’s like what Cricket said “I know you aren’t perfect. But it’s a person’s imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.”


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